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ABOUT AmirAbad

Amirabad Virology Laboratory is one of the virology center in Iran that performs classical and modern specialized virology tests accurately using the latest equipments by experienced and fully professional staffs who are specialists.

Due to the importance of viral infections Amirabad Virology Laboratory was founded to perform diagnostic and research work in the field of virology and vaccine developmet. This laboratory specializes in the diagnosis and control of viral diseases. Also, we are working on viral vaccines development and antiviral agent evalution. In addition, Amirabad Virology Laboratory is an authorized laboratory of the Food and Drug organization in evaluating antiviral property of antiviral agents and equipments.


1- Can the test results be obtained through the laboratory site?

Yes, as soon as the test results are ready, the test results will be posted on the Amirabad laboratory website.

2- Is it possible to request a test without a doctor's request?

Yes, simply request a test on the website of Amirabad subspecialty laboratory.

3- What tests does Amirabad Laboratory perform?

To see the experiments that can be done in Amirabad laboratory, refer to the experiments section.

4. What is the response time of Covid-19 test?

In Amirabad laboratory, Covid-19 test is performed by two methods (PCR - ELISA). The response time of Covid-19 molecular test (PCR) is ready to be provided in 24 working hours if there is no need to repeat the test. The response time of Covid-19 serological test by ELISA method is 48 working hours.

5. What is the preparation time for the test results?

Amirabad laboratory with high sensitivity tries to respond quickly and on time to serve respected clients. It is worth mentioning that the response time varies depending on the type and method of testing. The response time is stated in the clients receipt.

6- Does Amirabad laboratory takes nasopharyngeal swabs at home?

Yes, you can select from the menu.

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